Club Polos and Nametags

Jeff Fuller WB6UIE Welcome aboard to all our new OVH members. With a number of club activities approaching, this would be a good time to order club nametags and polos if you don’t already have them.         You can order your nametag directly from: I have a number of polos in stock. If you’d like to purchase one, email me with your size and I will bring it to the next club meeting. Available sizes Men’s and Womens: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL Prices Size          Price S-XL        $26.00 2XL         $28.00 3XL         $30.00 4XL         $32.00 5XL         $34.00 (Polos are 100% cotton, so you may want to order a size larger.) If you would like to personalize your polo with name and callsign, you can … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

SUNSHINE CORNER   Happy Birthday wishes to these club members: Fred, N3KVV; Wayne, N4HCR; Scott, KM4FTD; Gary, K4MRL; Jeff, N1SN; Michael, KO4BCN; David, KO4HIR; Matt, (no call); Noel, NW5N and Michael, KO4HBU. Enjoy your day! On Sunday, March 10th, Don, WA2SWX; John, KG4NXT and I set up an OVH table at the Vienna Winterfest. Amazing turnout for this hamfest and we had several OVH members stop by the table to let us know what purchases they were able to make! Photos follow and if you are interested in the radio that is in the left hand corner of the table, let us now. It was donated to the club by Bob, K4HJL. THANKS BOB!!!! Virginia QSO Party is Saturday & Sunday, March 16th & 17th , hope to hear you … Read more >>

Winterfest 2024 – Big Success

OVH had a table at Vienna’s Winterfest on March 10, 2024. We distributed tailgate flyers and sold some gear. Table sitters were Don, WA2SWX; Theresa, KG4TVM and John, KG4NXT. Don sold all of the gear that he had brought. Every table was sold and we noticed that attendance was very good. We all saw people that we knew. OVH members that we spotted include Mark, WA4KFZ; Gene, N4HFW; Woody, and Gil, KM4OZH. PRIZE WINNERS – See here –>

President’s Letter for March 2024

Hello again, everyone. Welcome to what is shaping up to be a very wet March. In February we held our annual club officer elections during our monthly meeting. I’d like to thank everyone who participated. In a clean sweep, your entire officer cadre was reelected. John, KG4NXT; Don, WA2SWX; Gil, KM4OZH and I (Ken, KN4DD) were returned to our positions as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President, respectively, Also at our February meeting, Gordon, NQ4K, gave his presentation on the upcoming Virginia QSO party. His original presentation was over 133 slides long, but he graciously trimmed that down significantly to fit in his allotted time. And as usual, he was very well received. A big thank you to Gordon. Next, your annual dues, which are now $25, are due by … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

SUNSHINE CORNER   Happy 2024! Happy Birthday wishes to these club members: Dick, WN7S; Harvey, WB6TTF; Jeff, WB6UIE; Art, W1CRO; Mike, KN4NDI; Tyssen, W8ZM; Scott, KN4ZMC and Gerald, KN4DWT. Enjoy your day! REMINDER – February club meeting will be the 3rd Wednesday not Tuesday due to a meeting at the firehouse on our regular night. Hope to see you there! Thanks and best wishes to Wayne, N7QLK, he was our club trustee for years. Wayne has relocated to sunny Florida, We will miss him, but he has been able to check in thru the internet to our Thursday night net. Congrats to Gil, KM4OZH, our new club Trustee. Gil has been instrumental in keeping our repeater running smoothly! Please make sure you let us know if you move or change … Read more >>

President’s Letter for February 2024

Hello, Everyone, After a wetter than normal January, we have been dealing with slightly above average temperatures during the first ten days of February. Those of you who know me, know that I am not a fan of the “s” word (snow). So, I look at the recent rain and think “at least it’s not snow”. Still thinking of winter, I am reminded of the great American philosopher, Yogi Berra, who once said “it ain’t over, till it’s over”.  He was talking about winter, wasn’t he? Speaking of spring like weather, now would be a good time while we still have “see through trees” to get out there and check those antennas. Better now (and easier) than when the foliage returns. Our monthly breakfast returns this Saturday, February 17th  at … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

SUNSHINE CORNER   Happy 2024! Starting the year off with a trip around the sun. Happy Birthday wishes to the following club members: John, KI4OWH; Justin, KJ4LAS; Elizabeth, KG4NXV; Erik, K4SOK; Joseph, KM4UYA; John, WA1STU; Ken, KE2N; Ken, KN4DD; Woody, N4MQ; Fred, WD4ASP and Cat, KM4PBD. Condolences to Andrea, KI4SXM, on the passing of her mother in December. Congratulations to Jeff, K9VEG, on becoming a CW Academy Instructor. Congrats to John, KG4NXT, on contacting 2,500 unique areas for Parks on the Air (POTA). Just wanted to thank everyone once again for the great contributions we had for the Toys for Tots in December. You all were very generous! Hamfest/Tailgate season is starting up for the new year.  OVH will be hosting a Tailgate event on June 1st, in the field … Read more >>