OVH Member Fixes Fortune 500 Company problem with Aluminum Foil

George K4GVT with spectrum Analyzer and aluminum foil hat

George, K4GVT has been an engineer for years and recently retired from Cisco. George found himself bored and took on some part time work from a Fortune 500 company that we can not name. This company manufactures chips. These chips start out as silicon wafers and then are processed into chips. The manufacturing process is quite delicate and the wafers are never touched by humans as they process down the assembly line – moved by a track system. George was told that track system was often stopping at one point in the plant. The unintended stopping point was near machines that generate plasma. George knew that the plasma was generated in a chamber using kilowatts of RF. The company has a RF sniffer and it was not registering a problem. … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

Happy birthday wishes to our club members celebrating in February – Tyssen, W8ZM; Scott, KN4ZMC; Gerald, KN4DWT; Dick, WN7S; Harvey, WB6TTF; Jeff, WB6UIE; Art, W1CRO and Mike, KN4NDI. Winter Field Day has come and gone and it didn’t let us get thru the weekend without a weather event! It was definitely a winter weekend but it was also beautiful at Shenandoah River State Park. Thanks to those that came out to visit with us. I think we will try it again next year, same time, same place! Reminder – the Virginia QSO Party is on March 19th and 20th. Hope to hear many club members on the air for this event! The key is to include the OVH as your club on the log sheet. Any one that attended our … Read more >>

Winter Field Day 2022

Ron K3FR operating

On January 29th and 30th, OVH operated winter field day at Shenandoah River state park. The operators were Don, WA2SWX;  Ron, K3FR; Gil, KM4OZH and John, KG4NXT. Several OVH members were on the air to work us as the contest started. We worked George, K4GVT and Al, KB4BHB. Butch, W4HJL and Wayne, N7QLK gave us calls but we were unable to hear them although they could hear us. We made phone, CW and digital contacts. The winter field day rules prohibit FT8 so we used PSK31 for over 40 digital contacts. OVH member Elizabeth, KG4NXV and her family flew in from Washington state. Baby Ben was a big hit with all. The Washington area had a snow event, but the roads remained passable. Don and John put up a 134 … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

Starting the New Year with a birthday are John, KI4OWH; Justin, KJ4LAS; Elizabeth, KG4NXV; Joseph, KM4UYA; John, WA1STU; Ken, KE2N; Ken, KN4DD; Woody, N4MQ; John, KG4HZC; Fred, WD4ASP and Cat, KM4PBD. Hope you all were able to have a special celebration! Winter Field Day is January 29th & 30th this year, John, KG4NXT and I will be at Cabin #5 at Shenandoah River State Park just south of Front Royal. If you can come out and visit with us, please let us know ahead of the event. We will have our youngest grandson with us and he is not vaccinated due to age, so we want to keep him safe. Also, we don’t want him spreading something to anyone that might not be vaccinated. Any questions, or if you need … Read more >>

Member Spotlight – Mark Baker KO4MBN

In January 2021, Mark Baker was not a ham. In December 2021, Mark is KO4MBN with a General ticket and has worked all 50 states and over 100 countries. Mark got his Tech ticket in February 2021. He joined the OVH in April 2021 and passed his General exam at an OVH VE session in October 2021. Zero to sixty in ham radio. Mark lives in Bristow, VA and is a Captain and Paramedic with the DC Fire Department. He has a number of other hobbies. He is an amateur astronomer. He does astrophotography and also landscape and nature photography. He is a pistol and rifle target shooter. He has three sets of dusty golf clubs as well as some bowling ball in the closet. Mark’s first exposure to radio … Read more >>

OVH Holiday Party 2021

Lynn, KX4HC, Norma, John KG4NXT, Theresa KG4TVM, Don WA2SWX, Edith, Julie, Bill AF4LL

On Sunday December 12, we had our annual OVH Holiday party organized by Theresa, KG4TVM at the Yorkshire Restaurant. We had an excellent Club turnout with over 35 attendees. No tables were empty in our section of the restaurant. We had a renewed emphasis on the potluck part of the dinner with many wonderful dishes. Al, KB4BHB and Wayne, N7QLK worried that they would not be able to provide venison for the dinner. However, they suddenly were lucky and harvested two deer and then there was plenty of venison for the chili. Gil, KM4OZH made lemon cake which was so popular that Gil did not get a taste. Gil has previously made lemon cake for the Fauquier Club’s party and did not get to taste his own cake there either. … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

Tony KM4KLB receives award for his work on the tailgate

Happy Birthday wishes to Marwood, KL7AW; Rob, W4FSK; Tony, KM4KLB; Ed, KK4PHP;  Jay, NQ4T; Dianne, KI4FVV; Bill, N4SV; Alan, KY4DN; Bryon, AK4XR; David, KK4ZUU and George, N4XSL – have a great end of year celebration! On Saturday, December 4th, the City of Manassas held their 75th Annual Greater Manassas Christmas Parade. As we have done in the past, the club has supported this event by providing  radio communications facilitated by a dozen spotters along the parade route and at the Judges’ stand. We also had our Club Trailer entered into the parade as a unit. Special thank you to Gene, KN4JMB for using his truck to drive the trailer thru the parade. Gene also helped get the decorations on the trailer and his truck! Thank you to everyone that came … Read more >>

Local (OVH) Boy Makes Good

Michael, KO4HBU, Unity High School - Member Spotlight

VP OVH OK, so Michael, KO4HBU, is not a boy. He is in fact, a Prince William County Public Schools science teacher. He is also a new ham and a new Ole Virginia Hams member. He was licensed at OVH’s VE Session @ the Nokesville Park on 8/15/20. All of us with children and grandchildren know that raising them and teaching them is difficult. But when you add-in teaching them during the age of COVID, and all of those inherent problems, this becomes much more formidable. We are talking about Michael, not just because he teaches physics, chemistry, biology, and earth sciences at Unity Reed High. We are also talking about what may very well be his greatest accomplishment in 2021. Michael was able to win a $5,000 grant from … Read more >>