Sunshine Corner

Happy birthday wishes to our club members celebrating this month – Jack, KN4HHQ; Ken, WB4ZOH; Philip, KI4WGC; Jeff, KM4FTK; Bruce, KN4TS; George, K4GVT; Sandy, KM4JUS; Rosalie (AKA Pinky), KN4ZLY; Dwight, N4GSD; Mary, KK4GOW; Jeff, K9VEG; Richard, KJ4ZIH; Luther, WA3FMO; Tony, KK4YZK; William, WB4KLC and Stephen, KO4GOR. WOW, that is a lot of candles. ENJOY! Congratulations to the club on a successful Field Day event. Special thanks to Byron, AK4XR and John, KG4NXT for pulling the event together. SUPER thanks to everyone that came out and operated! Article and photos are on our website at POTA – John, KG4NXT has been hunting stations and activating a few parks. He just hit 500 contacts as a hunter – Click to see certificate. Anyone interested in doing Parks on the Air, if … Read more >>

OVH Field Day Best in 20 Years

Bill AF4LL on sideband

For our 2022 Field Day, we claimed 5,266 points. As a reference, we claimed 2,648 in 2012 and 2,526 in 2021. We had terrific operators including Bill, AF4LL; Wayne, AG4ZZ; Ron, K3FR; Byron, AK4XR; Don, WA2SWX; Jim, KM4SXM; Mark, WA4KFZ and John, KG4NXT. We also had a super under 18 YL operator – Sarah Peart. She made 19 FT8 contacts. Cat, KM4PBD and Byron, AK4XR held a fox hunt. Cat made an expert field repair of the Fox and hid it on one of the signs in the park baseball field. Gil, KM4OZH was the first to find the fox and won the fox hunt. We had a very unusual antenna mount. Byron brought his cherry picker and Gil made an antenna rotator for it. This was used for the … Read more >>

President’s Letter for June 2022

Well, despite a couple of really hot days in the beginning, June temperatures so far, are about average. We certainly couldn’t have asked for better weather for our Manassas Hamfest.  It was beautiful and with low humidity, too. It was our first full blown Hamfest since the beginning of the pandemic. You might remember that last year we did a Tailgate Party, in lieu of a Hamfest. We did it that way due to the Covid restrictions in place at that time. Outdoor space was all we could rent. So with the pandemic winding down & $5/gallon gasoline prices, we held our first post Covid Hamfest, and I call it a success. Our team was headed up once again by Don, WA2SWX. We were once again back in the Manassas … Read more >>

2022 Hamfest Recap

June 4th, – Manassas Hamfest. A beautiful sunrise. No humidity. The temperature just right for a spring day. OVH volunteers started arriving around 5 AM. Our doors opened at 6 AM for the vendors & general admission was 30 minutes later. After a 2 year hiatus, we were ready. Boy, were we ready. OVH members came out in droves to support us. What a tremendous amount of support. And this didn’t happen by accident. As usual, Theresa, KG4TVM, was the Head Talent Wrangler, the Chief Cajoler in Charge. After weeks of prompting, all of her efforts were paid back in spades. A veritable army of volunteers. Dr. Bob Heil was to be our featured speaker. However, due to the load on the Manassas Park Community Center’s wi-fi infrastucture by the … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

Happy birthday wishes to our club members celebrating this month – Jan, KE4TMW; Jim, KM4SXM; Bob, W4PHX; Wayne, AG4ZZ; Gene, N4HFW; Bob, K4HJF; Robert, N0DGN; David, KQ4BDS and Ron, K3FR Hamfest 2022 is in the books! Thanks to our chair Don, WA2SWX for keeping us on track. Also thank you very much to all the club members and spouses that came out to volunteer at the event, we couldn’t have pulled it off without each of you. Please see the link to all the photos that George, K4GVT has posted! Next up Field Day at the end of this month. Contact Byron, AK4XR for information Condolences to Jeff, WB4TT on the passing of his mother on June 5th. Congratulations to one of our newer members on getting his ticket. … Read more >>