Why We Do It – 2022 Tri It Now “SEASON WRAP UP”

and John Heartney, KG4NXT On October 23rd, the Ole Virginia Hams wrapped up its support for the 24th Annual Tri It Now season with its eponymous Tri It Now “SEASON WRAP UP”. There are normally 6 events per season occurring either on a Saturday or Sunday. The OVH usually fields 5 to 8 volunteer spotters. That is, we are there to provide eyes, ears & communication support throughout the event. Normally, we spot riders with broken down bicycles and riders who haven’t trained enough, so they are suffering from sore limbs. I myself took one rider with ankle pains & his bike which had 2 flat tires (related perhaps?) in my truck back to the finish line. In short, usually nothing serious happens. What many of you do not see … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

Happy birthday wishes to our club members celebrating this month – Chris, KN4IJF; Richard (no call); Robert, KK4MXU; Ray, KM4EKR and Phil, AC4PL. Happy wishes for a great year. If you have a birthday this month and are not listed, please let me know! Manassas Christmas Parade is Saturday, December 3rd. We will be entered in the parade as a unit with a club trailer. The OVH will also support the parade with radio communications throughout the parade route. We do need a club member to pull the trailer thru the parade with their truck. If you are available, please let me know at kg4tvm@hotmail.com or 703-257-3566. We will also need help with decorating the trailer. If you would like to work your radio during the parade, please contact George, … Read more >>

President’s Letter for October 2022

It’s October and 2022 is winding down. I’m finding that for me, the cooler night air is “free air conditioning” but honestly, Mrs. KN4DD thinks I’m a bit out of my mind.   Heavy sigh. Last year, I was invited to be part of the 2022 Warrior Bike Ride Executive Planning Committee. At that time, I had no idea how much planning, work & (three county) coordination went into a one day event. It was both a privilege and a pleasure working with these very professional women & men and I learned quite a bit. Additionally, I have some new numbers for the SOWW Warrior Bike Ride that took place back on September 10th, 2022. It took 150 volunteers to support the ride with 1,350 hrs of manpower for event day … Read more >>

President’s Letter for September 2022

Well, it’s half past September. Cooler weather and less humidity is on the way. I’m a big fan of that. The sun will be going down sooner too. I’m not much of a fan of that, however. And, to borrow a phrase from “The Game of Thrones”, winter is coming. Summer activities are winding down too.  Off of the top of my head, we have 2 Tri-It-Now events, the Manassas Christmas parade and our annual OVH Christmas Party left on 2022’s To-Do List. While I am on the subject of activities, let us not forget that this is National Preparedness Month. I am a huge fan of being self contained. I probably got that from my old man. As a kid, 5 of us, a dog and a parrot (with … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

Happy birthday wishes to our club members celebrating this month – Gus, N4MLE; Scott, WB6EFW; Al, KB4BHB; Jim, WE4JJ; Maury, W4HYB; Ron, N4RDZ; Bill, AF4LL; Mark, WA4KFZ; Steve, WB0AOD; Kyle and Lori, KC0EWN. Happy wishes for a great year. Several of our club members have been participating in Parks on the Air (POTA). Jeff, K9VEG has just received a certificate for activating at Prince William Forest Park 20 times. (Certificate follows) Jeff is trying to get 1,000 QSO’s at the same park. Good luck Jeff! POTA – For anyone interested in more info, check out Parks on the Air | POTA You can also request information at the club meeting or on the email reflector. Please watch the reflector and club website for upcoming events, as there is always an … Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

Happy birthday wishes to our club members celebrating this month – Ken, KD4VA; John, KK4TCE; Karl, W4KRL; Matthew, KK4SYM; Stu, W4PR; Ronnell, KK4ZUR; Vern, K0LVS; Chick, KC1PIA; Duane, KK4BZ; Raymond, KK4AQR and Andy, KJ4MTP. Hope each of you has a wonderful day! John, KG4NXT and I did go to the Berryville Hamfest on August 7th, great turnout there. Saw quite a few OVH members! Best wishes to all our club members kids, grandkids, etc. that are going back to school this month. Good luck on a successful school year! In 2021, we found out that Charles Murphy, WA1FFX had passed away. Charlie was a long time member of the club and very active for many years. Sadly, his wife Claire passed away in July. I thought I would share her … Read more >>

President’s Letter for August 2022

Location, location, location.   As a Florida boy, I know that Hurricane Season officially starts on June 1st. However, here in the Mid-Atlantic region, it unofficially begins in a few weeks. Now would be a good time to check your emergency communications equipment, supplies, including batteries. It would also be a good time to verify the integrity of both your antenna(s) and the guy wires. I’m reminded that 3 years ago George, K4GVT suffered a lightning strike around this time. It completely obliterated his antenna & damaged his radios & other electronics. So I think it would also be good to review your safe grounding & isolation setups. Back on July 24th, the OVH supported The Tri It Now – Summer Super Sprint at the Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center in … Read more >>

13 Colonies Certificates arrive for 2022

13 Colonies 2022 certificate

The certificates from The Annual 13 Colonies Special Event are arriving.   If you get all 13 colonies, it is called a “CLEAN SWEEP”.   There are also bonus stations for the Liberty Bell, a station in England and a station in France.  Known club members participating include Al, KB4BHB;  Wayne, N7QLK; Ken, KE2N; Byron, AK4XR; Jim, KM4SXM and John, KG4NXT. Click on the small image of the certificate to see it bigger.