USCGC Eagle (WIX-327), formerly the Horst Wessel and also known as the Barque Eagle, is a 295-foot barque used as a training cutter for future officers of the United States Coast Guard. - Wikipedia

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Hope everyone had a safe and happy Independence Day as we celebrated our nation’s birthday. August marks another important birthday – that of the U.S. Coast Guard, tasked with protecting our shores from smugglers and terrorists. As we honor that anniversary, here’s a sea story about one of that service’s epic battles. It began 100 years ago this year with the passage of the 18th Amendment.     Popularly known as Prohibition, the new law forbade the import or manufacture of alcoholic beverages in the U.S. Predictable results followed its opening kickoff. British and Canadian distilleries ramped up to full production and the smuggling race was on. Seagoing smugglers loaded up motherships for rendezvous with small speedboats just outside U.S. territorial waters. The Coast Guard’s task was a daunting one. A limited number of cutters had to cover thousands of… Read more »

My son James cooking while I setup (NLY, but he’s studying that Technician Manual again…)

KK4ZUU’S Excellent Field Day Adventure

My son and I set up a portable operation at Loft Mountain Campground for ARRL Field Day 2020 [FM08PF]. We operated solar/battery powered on 6M/40M SSB S&P, and on VHF/UHF FM Phone. We operated Sat from 6pm to 1030pm EST (shutdown to observe quiet hours), and on Sunday from about 11am to 3pm EST. We logged 64 QSO’s, all voice. The weather was beautiful, especially in the evening when temperatures were 55-60 degrees F overnight with a light 5-10mph breeze. If only we could have brought some of that evening weather back in a jar! The closest storm was north of us in Luray, VA (~30m north). The campground did not have online reservations, we went very early Friday to get a site (first come, first served) and by 1130am the campground was Full for Friday/Saturday. My Tundra pickup truck… Read more »

haywagon operating - Gil KM4OZH

OVH does distributed Field Day

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Due to the damn pandemic, we did not have our usual field day at Nokesville Park. However, many club member did participate in field day activities. Known OVH field day operators include Al, KB4BHB; Wayne, N7QLK; George, K4GVT; Butch, W4HJL; Jay, NQ4T; Tony, KM4KLB; Ron, K3FR; John, KG4NXT; Jeff, K9VEG; Wayne, N4HCR; David KK4ZUU, Kevin, KX4KU; Mark, WA4KFX;, Bill, N4SV; Ron, N4RDZ; and Jim, KM4SXM. If you were missed, let John, KG4NXT know and we will add you to the list. Wayne, N4HCR, wrote an article on field day that was published on the forbes website.  This is the link to it: There was a lot of digital operating this year. Three of us did FT8 with auto logging: Wayne, N7QLK; John, KG4NXT and Bill, N4SV. Mark, WA4KFZ worked both Wayne and John and sent us pictures of… Read more »

Sunshine Corner

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Greetings! Happy birthday to our club members celebrating another year this month – Jan, KE4TMW; Jim, KM4SXM; Steve, N4OGR; Derrick, KV4SH; Wayne, AG4ZZ; Gene, N4HEW; and Bob, K4HJF. Doesn’t quite feel like June without our annual Hamfest or Field Day in Nokesville! Don’t forget the Virginia QSO Party Award Ceremony is this Saturday at 9 AM online., This is always held at our Hamfest normally. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the club. Congratulations to our 2020 scholarship winner Benjamin. Thanks to Sandy, KM4JUS for organizing and getting the winner announced! Silent key – Russ Stevens WB4HHN passed away on May 24th. Russ was a long time member of club. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. RIP Russ. Next Tuesday, June 16th, is our monthly club meeting also online. Please join in if you can…. Read more »


Contest University

Normally,  Contest University cost $85 and is presented at Hamvention in Dayton.   Since Hamvention was cancelled,  the organizers had a virtual Contest University on Zoom and have made the presentations available on the web.   The material is not limited to contesting and includes a great survey of recent rig transmit and receive capabilities entitled  “Contest & DX Performance A Complex Subject Today:  Great RX Performance – TX Limitations”.   There is a module on digital contesting that includes a “how to” on a number of Elecraft, Icom and Yaesu rigs called  “Everything You Need to Know About USB and Serial Interfaces”.   In all, there are 9 presentations that are available here: Contest University links

The above links are to the slide decks of the presentations.  They have also published a 10 hour YouTube presentation of all the proceedings Contest University on YouTube

With  a bit of patience, you can click to the individual presentations.

A local wireless telegraphist operator operating an AWA 3BZ teleradio at Segi Coastwatchers station, British Solomon Islands

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June brings sweltering heat to northern Virginia and a chance for hams to adapt to a new version of Field Day. This month’s ham radio history takes us to the steaming heat of the WWII Solomon Islands and the story of a young ham who used every bit of his Field Day skills to keep his gear up and running while reporting on enemy forces and dodging Japanese patrols.               Sydney, Australia native Paul Mason became  interested in amateur radio during his school days, becoming proficient at Morse and building his own transmitter in 1936 [1]. Thanks to his work as a plantation manager before the war, Paul had good knowledge of the Solomons and their inhabitants. His background made Mason a perfect candidate for a program set up by Australian Naval Intelligence in… Read more »

Armed Forces Day

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As we commemorate both Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day this month, lets take a moment to recognize some of the contributions made by our fellow hams in uniform. For this month’s vicarious escape from cabin fever, we’ll explore a fascinating but little covered corner of radio history – the role of Joan and Eleanor in WWII OSS secret agent communications. OSS (Office of Strategic Services) entered service as America’s national intelligence agency during the dark days of WWII on 13 June 1942. In addition to its traditional collection and analysis missions, OSS was responsible for covert action against Axis forces. That meant inserting agents behind the lines in Axis occupied territory to link up with partisan resistance groups. Reliable and secure communications with these groups was essential for receiving their reports, scheduling supply drops, and coordinating their tasking. Deployed… Read more »

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