New Field Day Loggers

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The old XP loggers are gone ! We now have windows 10 laptops with solid state drives and the latest N3FJP field day software. This is being done at no cost to the club. Jim O’Rourke, KM4SXM, donated the first laptop. John, KG4NXT, donated the second one. Don, WA2SWX, donated 3 laptops. Our club has a comprehensive license on the N3FJP software so that was updated at no cost.

Sunshine Corner

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Very happy birthday wishes to Fred N3KVV, Scott KM4FTD, Gary K4MRL and Jeff N1SN Congratulations and best wishes to Steve N4OGR and Jan KE4TMW as he recovers from his heart transplant.  Please keep them both in your thoughts as Steve continues to recover. Condolences to the families of Dave W4HRR and Jimmy WA2QEJ.  Both gentlemen passed away at the beginning of February. VIRGINIA QSO Party is Saturday March 16th and Sunday, March 17th.  Please remember to turn in your log for this event and list the OVH as your club.   Hope to hear you on the air! Vienna Hamfest is the last weekend in March; hope to see many OVH members there.   We will have a club table set up, please stop by and say Hello! Hamfest meetings are well under way, contact Don WA2SWX and let him know how you will be… Read more »

VP’s Corner

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This has been quite a mind expanding week as I listened to John describe his favorite new digital mode, JS8. It runs on a laptop computer and manages to copy at subterranean signal to noise ratios. Wow, how does that work? And how did we get here? The journey leading to seemingly magical modes like JS8 began shortly after World War I as growing demands for commercial and government communications rapidly exceeded the capacity of manual telegraph circuits. A small group of clever inventors proposed a solution known as a “printing telegraph” or teleprinter. Its electromechanical keyboard and printer combination used a 5 bit Baudot code to represent 64 possible alphanumeric characters. Their invention was a resounding success and their company, the Teletype Corporation, went on to become a major supplier of telecommunications equipment during the 20th century. Both landline… Read more »

Byron on tippy toes but with safety harness on and attached

New Antenna for 146.97 repeater

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Our repeater committee decided to replace the 2 meter repeater antenna to fix the noise problems that have occured when there is a lot of precipitation.  Ken, KE2N, had run a separate transmit antenna and the results appear to validate the theory that the antenna was the problem. When the new antenna arrived, it was decided to do an immediate installation because of national weather service warnings of a storm the next day.   With only a few hours notice,  Ken had a team of 4 club members :  Byron, AK4XR,  Gil, KM4OZH, John,  KG4NXT,  and Ken himself.    The team arrived and installed the antenna without notable problems.   Byron ,who learned safe tower climbing in Iraq,   climbed the tower and installed the antenna with the rest of the team as support. Ken inspected the old antenna and reported “The old… Read more »

Wayne Phillips N7QLK

New W4OVH Repeater Trustee

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Wayne Phillips, N7QLK,  is our new W4OVH repeater trustee. We thank Stu, W4PR, for his able service as our previous repeater trustee. As the repeater trustee, Wayne is the ‘chief control operator’ and can appoint and fire control operators for our repeaters. In addition, if you want to use the club call W4OVH at a special event or otherwise, you need to get Wayne’s approval. Thanks Wayne.

Gil with 80 M mobile for VAQP

Virginia QSO Party presentation

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At our February meeting,  Jeff, WB6UIE, presented slides about the upcoming Virginia QSO party.   The slides were not so clear as projected so we are including them in this link  Presentation 
We host the QSO party awards at out hamfest.   More information on the QSO party can be found on the event calendar on this web site for March 16, 2019. Read more >>

Sunshine Corner

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Warm birthday wishes to David W4HRR, Richard (no call), Gavin KK4MXT, Dick WN7S, Harvey WB6TTF, Jeff WB6UIE, Art W1CRO, Katie (no call), and Mike KN4NDI Best wishes to Butch W4HJL, Gene N4HFW and George K4GVT all did some time in the hospital in the last month.  Sounds like all three are doing well; hope you all have a full recovery. Congratulations to George K4GVT and family, his son in law Alex is now a Captain in the Army.   Alex and Tanya (George’s daughter) will be heading to Korea, so I see some “vacations” for George & Ev coming up!!! Had a great time at the Richmond Hamfest handing out flyers for our hamfest.  I received many positive comments for having our event on Saturday! Hamfest meetings are well under way, contact Don WA2SWX and let him know how you will… Read more »

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